This Ratchet Love Triangle Left A Woman With A Severed Leg

This Ratchet Love Triangle Left A Woman With A Severed Leg
Photo via Ask Kissy

A love triangle went all the way left in Florida, leaving one woman with a severed leg and the other behind bars.  

It's unclear how Kasheena Mordica and Ashley Weatherspoon discovered they were both involved with the same guy, but things came to a head in a Valentine's day brawl.

According to reports, Mordica wasn't having it when she learned Weatherspoon (pictured above)  spent the day with her man, 32-year-old Marco Mack.

What started as an exchange of heated words between the two women quickly escalated into a fist fight. That's when Mordica jumped into her car and slammed on the gas mowing over Weatherspoon who was standing in front of the car. 

Mordica crushed Weatherspoon's leg leaving her on the ground in a massive pool of blood. 

Weatherspoon was rushed to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save her leg, which was later amputated.

Mordica is now facing some serious jail time and has been charged with second-degree attempted murder and also with leaving the scene of an accident, for failing to render aid to Weatherspoon.

Ironically, the object of both women’s affection also ended up behind bars. 

With all of this drama surrounding Mack, police picked him up too, for an outstanding warrant for burglary and grand theft.

Mordica posted bond and was released from jail, but Mack is still behind bars.

Love is a powerful drug and now that the reality of the situation has set in, we're pretty sure both women have come to regret the choices they made that night.

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