Watch Passengers Push And Kick A Racist Man Off The Train After He Screams The N-Word At Them

Racist Man Train New York

This racist dude found out the hard way that New Yorkers don’t play...especially when it comes to hate!  

In a video gone viral, a man drinking on the L-train in NY started spitting out racial slurs. Apparently, he was in an argument about personal space with a group of Black men, then he went off, screaming out the N-word to passengers! “I talk s**t because I know I can ’cause I’m a lawyer, I went to NYU Law!” the entitled man shouted. “F*** you!”

Well, people on the train weren’t having this man’s foolishness! When the train stopped at Bedford Avenue, the guy was literally kicked and dragged off, hitting that pavement HARD.

Watch the craziness below...

When he tried to get back on the train, he was continually pushed out, as passenger refused to let me back home. One female passenger, later recognized as rapper Princess Nokia, even threw a piping hot cup of soup on his ass and kicked him again. But, before people get all in arms about all this, read her story behind what happened: 

Afterwards, the man ran down the platform and shouted one more slur, and a person shouted back, “Get your hate speech out of here!” Exactly. Whether you agree or not about him being physically removed from the train, this guy was clearly a bigot at the core. The good part of this is that people of different races came together and made a statement against it, showing that this hate won’t be tolerated!