Lil Yachty Dropped $35K On His Rainbow Grammy Grill

Lil Yachty Dropped $35K On His Rainbow Grammy Grill
Lil Yachty via Instagram

For most celebs, preparing for the red carpet means grabbing a designer gown or tuxedo, hours of hair and makeup, and rocking fly accessories. But, at the Grammys, artists tend to push the boundaries of traditional fashion as a means of expressing themselves. 

Rapper Lil Yachty didn't disappoint as he opted for a conservative black and white tux, a velvet bowtie (shout out to Colonel Sanders), his signature, short red braids with clear beads and a custom rainbow-colored grill that set him back $35,000.

TMZ reported that Icebox Diamonds & Watches is the creator of Lil Yachty's bold statement piece. When the Grammy-nominated artist reached out to them requesting a grill that was a reflection of his colorful personality, they came up with a design that featured a different colored stone on each tooth. His grill had red rubies, green emeralds, plus white, yellow, and blue diamonds.

The finished masterpiece was delivered to Lil Yachty in L.A. by one of the Icebox reps just hours before the show. As you would expect, he was all smiles. While he didn't win his category for Best Rap/Sung Performance losing to Drake, he posted on Instagram that he was "Just blessed to be here. That's on God. They don't wanna see me here. But I made it. 100"

Now ya'll know that social media was set afire with comments about him having Skittles in his mouth, quips about tasting the entire rainbow, and calling his dentist a Sour Patch Kid. You might even be judging him for spending $35,000 on jewelry for his mouth, but this grill is modestly-priced by rapper standards. 

According to XXL Mag, Tyga dropped $45,000 on a Ben Baller grill which boasted 1,400 diamonds. Custom Gold Grills interviewed Houston rapper Paul Wall of Grillz by Paul Wall and Johnny Dang who said that he has designed grills for Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte that cost well over $1,000 per tooth. And Complex reports that Birdman has spent as much as $500,000 on his grill.

Now there are a lot of things you can buy with $35,000, but who are we to judge? Bling is just a part of the culture. Whether you rock a grill, a chain, a watch, or a ring, it is an expression of you. Get in where you fit in. No further explanation needed.