Lady Gaga Asked The Black Community For Anti-Racism Advice And People Aren't Sure How To Feel About It

lady gaga on charlottesville
@W24_SA and @ladygaga on Twitter

If you've gone on social media in the past few days, you've probably seen a LOT of celebrities using their platforms to condemn racism in the wake of this weekend's deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, including:

John Legend,


Kim Kardashian,

and Zendaya.

On Tuesday, Lady Gaga used Twitter to ask for advice from the black community on how white people can take action against hate.

Though the intention of Gaga's question was probably innocent, the reactions to it ended up being SUPER mixed.

Some people responded with clear-cut advice, like standing up to racist relatives,

... Educating yourself about racism's many forms,

... And using your platform to amplify black people's voices instead of speaking for them.

Still, others came at Gaga for implying it's the black community's job to educate others about its oppressors.

And at least one person pointed out that Gaga once hung out with people in blackface, which she'd be wise to stop doing if she *actually* wants to tackle racism.


Whether you're a fan of Gaga's approach to this important issue or not, you should definitely take a peek at all the responses to her tweet here

For any members of the "non-racist white community" reading this: How are you fighting racism in your own community? Let's hear your responses!

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