Honor Roll Student Banned From Graduation For Wearing A Shirt Your Grandma Would Approve Of

The outfit that got this high school student suspended
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For most high school seniors, graduation is about more than wearing a cap and gown and walking across a stage to get a blank piece of paper. The ceremony is a celebration of a lifetime of hard work and the start of adulthood. But one honor roll student with a 4.4 GPA in Harrisburg, North Carolina was denied that experience because she showed a little too much skin in school.

According to Yahoo!, Summer was aware of her school's strict dress code when she decided to wear a green top that sat below her neckline and showed part of her back. When she was confronted by the principal, she was first made to put on a jacket to cover up, then she was asked to change. When the school couldn't get in contact with her mother, Summer said a school security guard came for her during an assembly and threatened to arrest her. 

Summer was not arrested, but she was suspended for 10 days for insubordination and told that she could not walk in her graduation. "I completely understand why a dress code is put into place but I feel like after I put on that jacket it should have been subdued," Summer told NBC Charlotte. According to the report, she and the principal have had run-ins in the past, which may be why things escalated at the assembly. 

"It’s just sad because I worked so hard for four years to walk across that stage," Summer added. "We have drug dealers walking across that stage, we have sex offenders walking across that stage and then the 4.4 student who showed her shoulders can’t." 

Summer's mother plans to appeal the principal's decision.