Family Of Alleged R. Kelly Victim Says He Traps Women By Getting Them Addicted To His Luxurious Lifestyle

r. kelly
Santiago Felipe / Getty Images

Just how enticing can the lifestyle of the rich and famous be? Dangerously so — according to sources related to a woman who moved in with R. Kelly last year, at least.

In an interview with TMZthe family members of one of Kelly's alleged sex "cult" victims said the R&B singer is psychologically abusing women by getting them addicted to his luxurious lifestyle. 

The insiders emphasized that the woman they know is NOT being held hostage by Kelly. Instead, they said, Kelly has spoiled her and the other five women staying at his Chicago and Atlanta properties to the point where they become dependent on him and refuse to leave.

Unlike Joycelyn Savage, another one of Kelly's alleged victims, the woman that these sources know did not reach out to Kelly for music advice; rather, this woman had met him backstage at a meet-and-greet event. 

This woman can also leave Kelly's properties unaccompanied to visit her family, they added — unlike Joycelyn — and stays with them for a week at most.

But even though she's free to go when she wants, the woman's family members say she keeps returning to Kelly because he showers her with gifts, including expensive handbags, lingerie, shoes, spa trips, and out-of-state shopping sprees.

And while Kelly isn't a criminal in TMZ's sources eyes, he's also not completely innocent, either: One family member said he uses "calculating, methodical process to groom naive girls" and takes their smartphones in an effort to get them to rely on him. 

Psychopathic? Potentially. 

Scary? Oh, for sure.

Are you buying this family's story?