Cop Who Killed One Black Man, Then Stomped Out Another, Gets Recommended For 24-Hour Suspension

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On the heels of the a shocking not guilty verdict in the trial of the officer involved shooting death of Philando Castile, news broke that a Columbus, Ohio police officer was caught on video kicking a man in the head. 

On April 8 a video was taken showing a black man named Demarko Anderson being arrested. Officers were responding to a call that there was a man with a gun in a residence who was threatening to kill everyone inside the house. According to police, there were shots fired during the incident and another officer claimed that he was elbowed in the exchange. 

On the video as Anderson is being handcuffed on the ground you can hear him say, "Why are you being aggressive, sir?" 

demarko anderson zach rosen

There were a handful of officers on the scene as Anderson laid face down on the ground as he was being handcuffed. A second police officer — identified as Officer Zachary Rosen — comes on to the scene, walks up to Anderson, and stomps him violently in the head. He then places his knee between Anderson's head and shoulder to hold him down.

"Oh my God!," Anderson yells after being hit. "Are you serious? Are you serious? I got cuffs on, sir."

Rosen, who's been with Columbus Police Department for six years, later stated that his use of force was normal police procedure. A deputy police chief disagreed.

"The strike/stomp was an untrained technique and was found to be unreasonable," he said in a statement.

The alarming video prompted the public to demand some form of discipline against Rosen, and Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs complied in her own laughable way. She recommended that Rosen receive a 24-hour suspension, a decision that being widely criticized in her 'protect and serve' community. 

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Before that deputy chief officer made a statement about Rosen being "unreasonable," a sergeant, lieutenant, and commander all agreed that Rosen shouldn't be disciplined at all. Remember, this recommendation for a 24-hour suspension is just a that: a recommendation. The Public Safety director still needs to make a decision, and in the end Rosen can still walk away without any disciplinary action. At all.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther even weighed in on the controversy by jumping on Facebook to let people know no decision has been made.

Meanwhile, Anderson is facing charges of improper handling of a firearm and aggravated menacing. He's pleaded not guilty to both. His attorney, however, said that his client is the victim of a crime perpetrated by the Columbus Police Department and that Rosen should be fired.

"Kids in school who are suspended or expelled are getting similar or worse punishment," said Anderson's lawyer.

If that story didn't throw you for a loop, wait to you hear THIS. This wasn't the first time that Rosen made headlines over his conduct as an officer. This incident with Anderson occurred just a month after a jury decided not to indict Rosen for the death of a 23-year-old black man named Henry Green.

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Last summer, Rosen and another officer were in plain clothes when they claimed to have seen Green walking down the street holding a firearm. When the officers told Green to put down his gun, they say he ignored instructions and instead started shooting at them. They fired back and killed him. A jury found that the officers use of force was justified.