4-Year-Old Miraculously Survives Bullet To The Head After Road Rage Incident

Injured Cleveland boy, Carter Hill
The Root / Cleveland19

Police in Cleveland, Ohio are looking for two men who nearly took the life of 4-year-old Carter Hill, in what is being called a road rage incident. 

According to reports, one of the men opened fire on a woman's moving car, hitting one of her children in the head with fragments and hitting another with shattered glass. Why? Because the woman honked her horn and went around them when they wouldn't leave an intersection.

Following a woman and her children for miles and firing around 10 shots at their car is not just road rage, it's insanity. The men in the White Pontiac clearly did not care who was struck by the rounds they fired at the moving target, and it's a miracle that no one in or near the car was killed.

Young Carter Hill remains in the hospital, but as Cleveland Police Detective Jennifer Ciaccia reported, the fragments did not enter his brain, so there is hope. 

Hopefully someone knows the cowards responsible and turns them in to face the consequences.

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