Awkward: A Soccer Player Accidentally Thanked His Wife AND Girlfriend On Live TV

Awkward: A Soccer Player Accidentally Thanked His Wife AND Girlfriend On Live TV
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Somebody is definitely sleeping on the couch with no blanket for the rest of the week.

Mohammed Anas, a forward who plays for a South African soccer club called the Free State Stars, was named "Man of the Match" after scoring twice against AJAX Cape Town on Saturday. 

In his now-viral postgame interview, the 22-year-old soccer star took a moment to thank the women in his life — all of them.

"Thank you very much for giving me this," Anas says in the video, which was broadcasted live. "And I appreciate my fans, also my wife and my girlfriend... I mean, my wife, sorry to say. I'm sorry, my wife."

Uh, what was that?

Anas later explained his embarrassing remark, telling the BBC on Monday that he was actually referring to his wife and his daughter.

"My family knows that I call my daughter my girlfriend. That's what I was talking about. I don't have a girlfriend," he said.

Anas and his wife celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary this year, he added: "I love her so much. She's given me two beautiful children. She is fine. She knows what kind of man I am so I am not worried."

But his clarification hasn't stopped Twitter from going ham with his video, which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times since it was posted by a few accounts this weekend:

Anas was actually surprised that so many people have watched his interview.

"I'm famous now — people around the world know me," Anas told the BBC.

That much is accurate — for better or for worse.

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