YouTube Sensation Franchesca Ramsey Is Comedy Central’s First Black Female Host

YouTube Sensation Franchesca Ramsey Is Comedy Central’s First Black Female Host
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With her new pilot in development for Comedy Central, Franchesca Ramsey has made history by becoming the first Black woman to host a show on the network! Ramsey brings to the table a well-rounded resume which includes YouTube phenom, comedian, social activist, designer, host of MTV's Decoded, and a stint as a Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore contributor. Her brand of humor combines parody and activism while enlightening the uninformed. Look for Ramsey's project to include elements from all of these.

Ramsey made her name using her YouTube site which boasts over 240,000 subscribers and 29 million views. She started her channel over nine years ago focusing on all things natural hair. But her 2012 breakout vlog "Sh*t White Girls Black Girls" put her on the map with almost 12 million views to date. Viewers got a lot of laughs from this video, but Ramsey also shined a very important light on race relations and the way Black people are regarded by Whites. Insensitivity is born out of ignorance and Ramsey's show aims to change that reality.

In an interview with NBC, Ramsey talked about how the show will focus on being inclusive while acknowledging and and respecting our differences across all cultures. "For us it's really important to talk about people and identity. There's such an incredible opportunity to shed light on different types of people and different issues that affect people from various walks of life," she said.

When asked about what her project means for Black women who are largely unrepresented in late night comedy, Ramsey replied: "It's really exciting! I think about this all the time just in the work that I do. When I get to meet my audience when I go speak at colleges or when I'm walking down the street, it's been really eye opening how many people have been touched, to see someone that looks like them on television."

Ramsey hopes that her focus, drive, and belief in herself will be an inspiration to others who have a dream. This kind of success doesn't happen overnight. "This is just a lifelong dream realized that I worked 10+ years for and if anyone can see my journey and say, 'Oh wow that's something I want to do,' I'm hoping that inspires them to go after whatever it is that they want," she said.

The show will air sometime during the 2017-2018 season so be sure to check it out!

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