Video Shows the Struggle Men Face When They Spot a Big Booty

Video Shows the Struggle Men Face When They Spot a Big Booty

Sometimes it's the most simple things in life that bring you the most joy. Take this video for example from the YouTube channel Immature Life:

Quite a simple premise really: It's hard for men not to look.

Actually scratch that, it's not hard, it's impossible. Having a girlfriend and not looking at a passing booty takes the training montages of two Jean Claude Van Damme movies and one Rocky. Seriously. When a hot girl walks by and I'm with my girl I just frantically start singing Eye of the Tiger in my head over and over again while simultaneously the visage of Ivan Drago invades my thoughts repeatedly saying "I must break you" over and over again till I finally give in and pretend to yawn or some bullshit and take a peak.

I know in my heart my girlfriend is quietly busting me every time but it's just like squeaking out a fart, you operate under plausible deniability. Sometimes I just decide to perform what I call the Commentary Technique, where I directly discuss with my girlfriend the girl that I want to just check out freely. You basically give some sort of negative comment about her, which affords you the precious few seconds that every man - for whatever damn reason - needs to steal a glance. This is not for novices, I recommend trying at least three relationships before taking on this master-class skill.

In this video though, it's not really a glance that these guys are taking. Essentially the amount of time that these Brits are staring they could have allotted to sitting through an entire macro-economics survey course. I honestly don't know how they do it in the UK, but in the United States we have a little thing called "tact". Certainly the guy who gets slapped in the face by his girlfriend never studied vocab, or if he did, only knew the word and not it's significance.

But honestly I can't fully blame them. This girl's booty is of the caliber frequently heralded in hip hop. Suffice it to say she "got back", one of those girls that are "all you want for my birthday". Put in the same situation, all the the foreigner songs in the world wouldn't have helped me. Guess us men are too Hot Blooded.

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