'It's Okay To Be White' Signs Are Popping Up On College Campuses


Internet trolls have evolved. They've taken their trolling from online forums and Twitter, and placed them in real life. Or in their terms, "IRL." Knowing racial tensions are high in the U.S, they decided to amp it up by posting "It's Okay To Be White" signs on college campuses.

Some troll on 4Chan thought it'd be comical to post these signs to spark some controversy. Which, it obviously did, because not everyone is aware it's all a stunt by trolls from one of the most toxic Internet forums in the world. So the signs have been spreading like wildfire. Of course, this causes people on all sides to get riled up.


White students at Auburn University and Harvard weren't laughing. Obviously offended, they wanted them taken down. While we understand this was a joke, some folks saw it as a great way to get their message across.

In a world where we're shifting (slowly but surely) towards white not being the norm, some people feel threatened. So they took to putting up the signs as a defense mechanism. At least that's what Hunter, a member of the Auburn White Student Union saw it as. He noted in an email to The College Fix that they saw the signs "as a response to the anti-white vitriol that is seen far too often these days."


Whoa there, Hunter. No one said the world was anti-white. People are anti alt-right and anti-Nazi. That's a HUGE difference. We hope he and the other members of the Auburn White Student Union get that. We also hope they understand the difference between their "Union" and organizations like Black Lives Matter. One was created as a way to call attention to police brutality against people of color. Theirs, well... We'd love to hear the reasoning behind their union.

What started out as a less than hilarious way for internet trolls to take their crap offline has resulted in some extremists seeing the notes as cause for solidarity. Just when you think we've taken two steps forward in progress, we end up having to deal with structured campaigns against racial progress.

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