This White Girl's God-Awful Twerking Nearly Killed A Man

This White Girl's God-Awful Twerking Nearly Killed A Man
Lion Inc/Youtube

Here it is folks: proof that white girls dancing isn’t just ugly; it’s dangerous, too.

Nobody seems sure what this girl was trying to accomplish -- besides making a fool of herself -- but she damn near got someone killed.

The clip starts with the 20-something year old bouncing up and down, whipping her hair like she just don’t care. And she certainly must not care, because if she could see herself, she’d probably stop immediately out of shame.

She then moves on to some Jazzercise stretches before eventually doing a move that we think is supposed to be a twerk. There’s also more bouncing and more hair whipping and more sadness.

But all of this woulds be harmless were a motorcyclist not distracted by the gruesome display. Apparently the passing rider was so startled by what he was seeing that he temporarily forgot how to brake, and instead rammed directly into a passing sedan. You can see the biker do a front flip over his handlebars. 

Now, as scary as this is, no one died in the incident: the rider suffered a broken pelvis and leg. Which isn’t fun, but certainly is better than passing away from being distracted by ratchet AF dancing.

The big take away from all this is, if you're going to dance terribly by yourself, do it in your own home. For the rest of the world's safety.

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