This Goose Has NO CHILL! Viciously Attacks An Officer And It's All Caught On Video

mvkazit via Getty Images

This story sounds like something straight out of "When Animals Attack!" A Clarksville, Indiana, police officer apparently crossed into enemy territory while heading into work when out of nowhere he was assaulted by a goose who had absolutely, positively NO CHILL.

The unlucky victim was Detective Hall of the Clarksville Police Department. After retrieving an item from his car, he was ambushed. Lieutenant Shane Basset offers this play-by-play of the footage which was captured by a department surveillance camera:

"Detective Hall forgot his keys...He then attempts to enter the building and is challenged by our local geese," Basset said.

Let's go to the tape:

As you can see, that goose was relentless as she smacked that cop around several times causing Hall to tumble to the ground. Were it not for his briefcase, he may not have stood a chance. 

Eventually, Hall made it out of harm's way and safely inside the building. He might want to be a bit more careful because this ain't the first time a goose has rolled up on a human--and it probably won't be the last. Check it out!

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