These Kids Recreated The Posters For 'Black Panther' & It Reminds Us Why Representation Matters

Black Panther Posters Kids
@lookslikemeuk via Instagram

Black Panther is continuing to inspire the younger generations! 

London-based Nigerian photographer Àsìkò took on a “passion project,” recreating the film’s amazing character posters using kids that were excited about the movie! These kids recreated the characters’ looks and the spirit of Wakanda in Àsìkò’s photos, which were commissioned by talent agency Looks Like Me.

The photographer admitted that this project and the film meant a lot not only as a comic lover but also in terms of positive representation of black people in pop culture. "As a kid who read comics black panther was one of the very few superheroes I came across," Àsìkò said of the film’s impact. "For a child it is a beautiful thing to see yourself represented in a positive light in pop culture. What is also great is that it’s a hero steeped in culture and heritage and not drug deals or street thugging." 

 Well, Àsìkò and these kids certainly killed this project! Take a look at the incredible pics below...

The photos of the children, aged six-10, were so impressive that they’re currently being featured in an exhibit at the British Film Institute!

This idea was so dope, and the posters really did come out perfectly. It continues to prove that our kids are paying close attention to what they see—both positive and negative images. Glad to see that Black Panther already has been a positive one! 

The film has served as an incredible inspiration to kids of color especially that their culture matters, and that they should be able to see themselves reflected in society, too. Hopefully, it continues to give them encouragement also that they can be anything they want to be. They deserve to see even more heroes and positive characters like this in the future!