These Students Found Out They're Seeing 'Black Panther' & Their Reaction Is Hilarious

Students Ron Clark Academy
@ronclarkacademy via Instagram

It’s lit! These middle school students recently found out that they were all going to see Black Panther, and their reactions were EVERYTHING!

Students at Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta were surprised by the school’s founder, Ron Clark, with the news that they’d be heading to see the highly-anticipated film. According to Ron, the fifth through eighth-grade students “will have a day of cultural classes, African dancers, [and] historical lessons,” before heading to go see the movie.

When the kids found out, they were so happy that they began hugging each other, jumping up and down, and dancing on top of tables, while their teachers happily watched on LOL

Watch them turn up below!

People online couldn’t help but smile and be excited for the kids:

Yes, Black Panther really is more than a’s a phenomenon and we are showing out! It’s really awesome that, not just here at this school, but people all over the country are working to get kids in the theaters to see this movie for free. It’s important because kids of color specifically get to see a majority black cast in a major film that’s already gotten rave reviews. It’ll be very encouraging to them to see people who look like them on the big screen. The kids at Ron Clark Academy definitely have a lot to be excited about!