'The Police Saved My Life, A Black Man:' Rap Legend Kurtis Blow Survives A Heart Attack Thanks To The LAPD

'The Police Saved My Life, A Black Man:' Rap Legend Kurtis Blow Survives A Heart Attack Thanks To The LAPD

Kurtis Blow is the hip hop trailblazer that first schooled us about the Breaks. He was the first rapper to sign to a major label, to have a gold record, to tour the US and Europe, and whole ton of other firsts.

These days, Kurtis spends a lot of his time as an ordained minister. Thankfully, he'll be able to return to his congregation soon. He's recovering after suffering a heart attack on the streets of LA.

KTLA reported on how Kurtis collapsed at a LA bus stop, and was in rough shape, until four LAPD officers swooped in to help.

Kurtis told reporters that, "I died and those officers saved my life. The police saved my life, a Black man. In this day and age, people need to hear that.”

Watch KTLA's full report below:

Two cops responded to a call reporting a robbery. It wasn't a robbery at all, it was actually Kurtis having words with his 20-something son. SMDH.

THANK GOD that the officers saw that this was just a family dispute. As they approached, two other officers joined them. That's when Kurtis dropped to the ground.

One officer, Chris Vege, told KTLA that, "We didn’t think about it; we just acted. I swept his airway for obstructions, and Officer Hill started chest compressions."  Vege kept holding his head, checking his airway throughout the whole ordeal.

It then became several minutes of Hill continuing to do chest compressions while Kurtis fought for his life, struggling to breath. 

Hill said, "It seemed like a really long time when you’re pressing on a man’s chest, hoping he won’t die.”

Thankfully, paramedics showed up, and Kurtis was rushed to the hospital. Kurtis told reporters that the officers, "got there so fast.  If they got there any later, I would have died."

Kurtis added, "I want to thank the officers from the bottom of my heart, no pun intended.”

Well said Kurtis, you still got it. We're glad you're OK!

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