After Taking Shots At Trump Snoop Dogg Is On The Secret Service Watch List

After Taking Shots At Trump Snoop Dogg Is On The Secret Service Watch List

Calvin "Snoop Dogg" Broadus is under scrutiny by the  U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Snoop Dogg has found himself, supposedly, in the hot seat, after he sparked debate after releasing his album cover, "Make America Crip Again," displaying the dead corpse of President  Donald Trump. 

In the photograph, the rapper is looking over a limp dead body covered in the American flag, with a toe tag displaying the word "TRUMP." It's a clean play on the cover of Ice Cube's classic 1991 album Death Certificate

Unfortunately, the vivid artistry has garnered the attention of the United States Secret Service. The Service has allegedly publicized that they are "aware" of Snoop’s album and cover photo, which featured a deceased President Trump. 

Since the department has issued a public alert concerning Snoop's depiction of a dead Donald, the rapper has already released a different album cover. The new graphic features Snoop wearing a blue baseball cap reading, “Make America Crip Again.” 

Controversy and gangsta rap is no new phenomenon. Snoop Dogg has found himself in the limelight concerning violent and misogynistic lyrics since the inception of his career. The government's sometimes condemnation of the rapper's artistic vantage point has done nothing to derail Snoop's crossover success, either. In fact, he's a household name, despite any publicly held views regarding his music and creative edge. 

The question remains: was it far too extreme to display a picture of a dead Donald Trump on his album cover? Although art is to be interpreted, given the fact that the presidency is the highest position in the executive branch of government, did Snoop cross a level of decency which should not be tolerated? 

Clearly, Snoop has made a tremendous impact on hip hop culture and has undoubtedly created a legacy—in terms of his contribution to rap music and the culture as a whole. It is unlikely that a list of famous emcees can be acknowledged, without mentioning Snoop Dogg. 

However, even the famous rapper deleted the picture of a dead, toe-tagged Donald Trump off of his Instagram. So as it stands, it appears as if even the rapper may think he's skirted the boundaries of what is acceptable!