Rihanna Just Broke Michael Jackson's Record For Top 10 Singles!

Rihanna Just Broke Michael Jackson's Record For Top 10 Singles!
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Here's another milestone in her already impressive career: Rihanna has just broken Michael Jackson’s record for top 10 singles.

While the Barbadian singer hasn’t released an album since January of 2016, they’re still constantly releasing singles off of Anti. Love on the Brain is one of those tracks, and it recently jumped from #13 to #8 on the on the Billboard charts.

It’s the 30th time in her career she’s made the top 10. That breaks Michael Jackson’s previous record of 29.

Her first top 10 came in 2005 with Pon de Replay. A little back-of-the-napkin math reveals that it has taken her ten years and seven months to break MJ’s record, which means she’s produced a hit song 3 times a year for an entire decade.

Coincidentally, the accolade came just in time for Rihanna’s 29th birthday. That’s one hell of an awesome gift!

Now, she’s not the ultimate record holder yet. Madonna leads the pack with 38 top tens, and The Beatles are still ahead of RiRi with 34. But with Rihanna still young, and considering the pace with which she makes hits, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if she passes those two in the near future.

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