Rick Ross Takes Aim At Birdman On "Idols Become Rivals" Track & Lil Wayne Is Thankful

Rick Ross Takes Aim At Birdman On "Idols Become Rivals" Track & Lil Wayne Is Thankful

Hip-hop diss tracks are not about the subliminals and beating around the bush these days. Either you're saying names, or you ain't saying nothing, and in Rick Ross's new track "Idols Become Rivals," he is saying a whole lot about Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman and the label boss's shady reputation.

Rick Ross talks seeing Birdman (his idol) on television back in the "Bling Bling" era of Cash Money and how he wondered what life would be like if he could be like him. The rest of the five and half minute track is a verbal assault aimed at Birdman for his on-going beef with Lil' Wayne and the long history of allegedly not paying producers and artists while simultaneously living a lavish lifestyle.

The track features a list of artists with past grievances against Birdman, including B.G., Turk, Mannie Fresh, and DJ Khaled, but it's the Lil' Wayne stuff that Rick Ross seems most upset about. He also shared a photo of the rapper to Instagram with a heartfelt caption.


Wayne took a screenshot of the post and shared it to Twitter with words of thanks to Ross: "dam big bro that msg hit me in the heart and put the motivation on automatik start. I needed that. 1 boss 2 another."

Wayne did not respond to any of the lyrics in Rick Ross' new track, but throughout his legal battles with Birdman, he has taken shots of his own at shows and on records. Other rappers have chosen to stay out of Wayne and Birdman's personal affairs, but it looks like Rick Ross is done being quiet.

Will Birdman take the time to respond?

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