'Queen Sugar' Actor Kofi Siriboe Gives Black Women Praise In Special PSA

'Queen Sugar' Actor Kofi Siriboe Gives Black Women Praise In Special PSA
Kofi Siriboe's Twitter

Queen Sugar star Kofi Siriboe is all about his Black women and isn't afraid to let the world know it. 

The 22-year-old L.A.-born actor (of Ghanaian descent) posted a statement on Twitter that makes his love and loyalty to black women crystal clear. The post appears to be a well thought-out response to a message he addressed the day before on Twitter.

It all started when Kofi sent out a tweet with some sweet words about his mother and black women as a whole. 

A follower of the non-black persuasion felt the need to point out that all mothers, not just black mothers, matter (Yes...really).

Kofi responded to the message, saying that he sends "love & respect to all the good mums," but also making it known that his original message was to honor the women in his life who deserve to be spotlighted.

The next day, Kofi posted a much longer, touching message about why he will always feel the need to uplift black women, specifically. "It's now my responsibility to celebrate and praise that same black skin," he writes. "And yes, it's a very conscious and deliberate effort." 

He also touched on the diversity problem that many award shows have been accused of suffering from. "Just because an award show isn't called White Entertainment Awards, it doesn't mean that's not what it is. A few sprinkles of Black entertainers isn't satisfactory and quite frankly, it's disrespectful." You betta tell 'em Kofi! 

Check out Kofi's full message praising black women below: 

Preach brother!
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