Mathew Knowles' Post About Beyonce's Twins Is Making Everyone Cringe So Hard

Mathew Knowles' Post About Beyonce's Twins Is Making Everyone Cringe So Hard
Dave M. Benett / Getty Images

Come on, baby, it's YOUUU — times two! Beyoncé and Jay Z's twins finally arrived earlier this week, according to multiple reports, and while there was a "minor issue" following the delivery that's extending their hospital stay, TMZ says both Bey and the Bey-Beys are expected to be okay. 

“Bey and Jay are thrilled and have started sharing the news with their family and closest friends,” a source told People

The long-awaited arrival of the Carter heirs wasn't without some drama, though, as Beyoncé's sort-of-estranged dad and former manager took it upon himself to publicly confirm the news before Bey and Jay did so themselves. 

"They're here!" Knowles announced in a hashtag-heavy post on his Twitter and Instagram accounts Sunday morning. (Which Tina Knowles liked!)

While we don't fault Knowles for going into Excited Grandpa mode, why's he trying to steal his daughter's thunder?!

Twitter picked up on this RIGHT AWAY:

And some people have flat-out refused to believe that the twins are here until Beyoncé confirms it herself.

To be fair, Knowles didn't find out about Beyoncé's pregnancy until she announced it on Instagram earlier this year, so what does he know?

Knowles' cringeworthy post aside, we're still counting on Bey and Jay to bless us with a birth announcement that's just as glorious as her baby bump debut in February. 

Let the Instagram lurking commence! 🎉

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