Man Survives Being Gunned Down For The Second Time In Two Weeks After Being Shot By Police​

mekiyel harris

On July 3, Mekiyel Harris, 23, was shot in the neck by two men around 1 p.m. in Forrest Park, Arkansas.

"Pow, pow, pow! Gunshots were going off,” said Harris' friend Felicia Gray, who found him lying in a rain puddle and bleeding profusely after the perpetrators drove off.

To make matters worse, this wasn't the first time Harris had been shot. In fact, it was the second time he had been shot in just as many weeks, having been gunned down by a Forrest City police officer on June 20.

“That’s not a good feeling, I don’t like that,” Gray told WREG. “Boy just got shot (two weeks) ago and they done popped him again. That is not okay.”

Authorities told a local newspaper that police shot Harris after he pointed a gun at them at an apartment complex.

But Harris' friends tell a different story: According to them, Harris had broken a window to evade the officers and the cops thought the sound of the breaking glass was gunshots.

“He’s a good dude. I’ve never heard of him getting in trouble,” Harris' cousin "Jermaine" said at the time.

WREG noted that Harris had been "in trouble" a few times prior: He was arrested for marijuana possession with purpose to distribute in 2012; and for smoking marijuana in car with a 2-month-old in 2015.

Jermaine dismissed those arrests, saying Harris had "a little drug infection, but that’s nothing. Everybody smoke pot,”

Harris is currently recovering from his latest injuries at Memphis' Regional Medical Center, where he's in critical condition. 

The two men who shot him this past week have since been taken into custody, police said.

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