‘Little Apple' Web Series Tells The Story Of Black Girl Growing Up In Gentrified Harlem

Little Apple
Little Apple Series

We live in a society that ignores the young and casts aside the old when we should elevate our children and seek counsel from our elders. Both are vital members of the culture and their voices should be heard on every subject from race to politics, right?

Well, a new web series written, directed, and produced by Riley S. Wilson is providing a voice for our youth. "Little Apple" aims to address a variety of issues through the lens of a 9-year old girl who is "claircognizant," or in other words, "super-woke." It chronicles the challenges of growing up in Harlem during this era of gentrification and what it is like to deal with social issues like racism, Black feminism, and more.

The main character, played by Milan Williams, is the epitome of Black girl magic as the daughter of university professor Matthew and registered nurse Charlene. "Little Apple" is a sci-fi comedy, but it is a true example of art imitating life. In Black households across America, families are having some tough conversations about the best ways to navigate the ever-changing social and political landscape. You can expect the same on the series.

Executive producer of the project Lisa Cortes talks about the impact that gentrification has on racial identity, the concept of community, preserving the culture, and how its agenda aims to erase most, if not all, remnants of Black heritage.

"I grew up with parents who told you real talk about real issues. That's what's happening in many homes, not just in Harlem," she said. "These conversations that we need to have with our children are national. In terms of preparing them for disparities that others might try to put upon them."

The team is ready to start filming the first five episodes in July as they have already exceeded their $15,000 Kickstarter goal. While they are in production, you can check out the "Little Apple" podcasts to stay abreast of their progress.