Lil Wayne Threatens 'Carter V' Lawsuit If Martin Shkreli Leaks The Album Again

Lil Wayne on stage in Atlanta
Getty Images

Lil Wayne fans who have been waiting impatiently for "Tha Carter V" to drop since 2014 may have their prayers answered soon, but not by Wayne or anyone at Cash Money Records. According to TMZ, Wayne, his lawyers, and the folks at Universal Music have issued cease and desist letters to Martin Shkreli and are threatening to take him to court if he leaks the project online.

Shkreli, the rich internet troll and "pharma bro" who overcharged people with HIV and cancer for antiparasitic pills (and the man who paid millions for Wu-Tang's last album), claimed to have purchased "Tha Carter V" from someone he assumed was a hacker. In December he promised that he wouldn't leak the album, but earlier this month he shared two more songs, including a track allegedly called Mona Lisa that features Kendrick Lamar. 

Shkreli is no stranger to courtrooms, and he is definitely used to not being liked. After the controversial drug price hikes made him one of the most hated men in America, Shkreli has kept his name in the news for expert-level trolling and internet beefs. His most notable beef was with Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan, whom he threatened in a video while surrounded by a group of masked men. 

In an interview with DJ Akademiks last year, Shkreli said that he didn't do anything wrong in obtaining  Lil Wayne's album, so he can 't be sued for it. "I believe that the sale is legal,” he said. "Criminal law? Forget it. But [in terms of] civil law, I don’t believe that Lil Wayne could sue me. I don’t believe Birdman can sue me. I don’t think Universal could sue me. It’s a legal sale."

Shkreli is clearly being extra for attention, but what isn't clear is just how far he will take it. I guess we'll see if he's bold enough to take on Lil Wayne and Universal just for the Twitter mentions.

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