K. Michelle Goes On Twitter Rant And Says Majority Of Negativity Comes From Black Women

K. Michelle

Like other celebrities living their lives in the spotlight, K. Michelle gets a lot of hate on social media, but she has noticed a trend when it comes to exactly where the hate is coming from. In a recent Twitter rant, she went off on Black women, saying that they are the source of all of the negative comments towards her online. 

The initial tweet set her mentions on fire with comments from both sides: some women agreed with her and chimed in to echo her sentiments, while others got angry and said that she shouldn't make generalizations. A few people even hit her with the swiftest and shadiest disrespect, claiming that it's only Black women leaving negative comments because White people don't know who K. Michelle is

K. Michelle continued by saying that she always represents for African American women and she doesn't understand the crabs-in-a-bucket mentality and hate that she gets in return. "They don't get me down anymore," she replied to one follower's tweet. "I feel bad for THEM. I'm the woman out here fighting 4them and they slander me for nothing OFTEN."


K. Michelle hasn't deleted the tweets (yet), so you can still see the full exchange between her and others online to get a better feel for how she meant the comments. 

On the surface it looks bad, but it may be an honest reflection of her experiences. Does she have a point, or is she just tripping on social media like people often do when they're bored and the phone is nearby?

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