K-Ci Serenaded Mary J. Blige And The Way She Handled It Is Why We Love Us Some MJB

k-ci mary j blige

My how Mary has grown!

K-Ci and Mary J Blige were at the same show recently, and K-Ci took a moment during his performance to throw some love Mary’s way!

The two stars were together for 12 years starting back in the ‘80s, and there was enough drama then to fill several Behind the Music specials. The aftermath wasn’t particularly pretty, either.

Of course, both have had careers since (it must be said, Mary J’s been slightly more successful), and both their lives have moved on. But fast forward to a few nights ago, and it might as well have been 1990 again.

Both K-Ci and Mary were at VH-1’s Dear Mama special, a sort of star-studded tribute to moms everywhere, hosted by Anthony Anderson and La La Anthony; with superstars like Maxwell, Gladys Knight, Robin Thicke and more performing.

But it was Jodeci that stole the show.

Specifically K-Ci, who came off stage in the middle of "Forever My Lady" to serenade the crowd. And then, to the shock and surprise of everyone, he gestured to Mary J and her mother, Cora, who were sitting up front.

He hugged Cora, his sort-of once-upon-a-time mother-in-law, and then sang to Mary, “If I ever lose you, tell me where will I go.”

The crowd knew exactly what was happening, and they loved it!

Now, of course Mary’s in the middle of a divorce, but who knows—Mary made it clear she wanted "no more drama" in her life.

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