If Ben Carson Can Be The Director Of HUD, Then Dennis Rodman Can Be A North Korean Ambassador

If Ben Carson Can Be The Director Of HUD, Then Dennis Rodman Can Be A North Korean Ambassador
AP Photo/VICE Media, Jason Mojica via Huffington Post

Considering the overwhelmingly unqualified cast of characters that hold key positions in the Trump White House, why not bring Dennis Rodman on board?

He is both famous and infamous, an NBA All-Star and World Champion, a former professional wrestler, a former contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, and a musician. On top of all that, Rodman is BFF's with North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un which should at least qualify the man with some kind of foreign diplomat experience, right?

Think about it. Trump has recently poked the bear by tweeting about North Korea and China—we might need somebody to step in and keep the peace between Trump's Twitter fingers and, well, Kim's from launching a missing. Look, if Ben Carson can run HUD, then Rodman can be a N. Korean ambassador. Unlike the good doctor, we're pretty sure that Rodman at least knows the difference between a slave and an immigrant.

Are you wondering who sparked the discussion about giving Rodman a job on Capitol Hill in the first place? Well, TMZ Sports caught up with "The Worm" and asked him his thoughts on Trump's assertion that North Korea has been playing the U.S. for years to which he responded: "Well, I don't really give a sh*t about that...I think Trump, he loves power. He loves power, he loves talking sh*t."

The interviewer then asked Rodman if he could offer his services as an ambassador considering the work he has already done there: "That's up to the U.S. to, uh, make that decision. Or it's up to Trump, so after that it's out of my hands," Rodman said. And when asked if he had spoken with Trump about his experiences in North Korea, he replied that he had not, but wished he could. He understands that Trump is a little busy now.

Does it seem so far fetched that Rodman could work in that capacity? After all, Sarah Palin said that as governor of Alaska, she was able to keep an eye on Russia from her backyard. That didn't seem to work out so well for her, but Dr. Carson is the head of HUD in spite of failing American History 101. Then there's that wealthy lobbyist who is ruining running the education department and an anti-environmentalist who is heading up the EPA. And don't forget that a White nationalist is Trump's chief adviser. 

At the end of the day, giving Rodman a job certainly wouldn't be the worst thing Trump could do. He's as qualified as any of them, if not more so.

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