Trapped In His Daycare Van On A Scorching Hot Day This Little Boy Died & Everyone Wants To Know How He Was Forgotten

Christopher Gardner Jr
WMC Action News

With all of these stories of babies and kids passing out or dying after being left in hot cars, you would think more parents and daycare workers would be a little more careful with kids in the car. In Arkansas, tragically, no one  double checked in this van and now, a five-year-old boy is dead.

Little Christopher Gardner, Jr. was left inside his daycare workers van for at least EIGHT HOURS, on a day where the temperature reached a good 80 degrees outside. However, inside the van, investigators believed it hit at least 141 degrees in there as the day went on. Even though there was a driver and another adult assigned to the van to make sure all of the little ones inside were safe, this poor little one was somehow left behind! 

As the hours passed, Chris was so hot in the car he apparently tried to take off his clothes SMH. Just imagining what that child went through in that van is heartbreaking! Someone finally made it back to the van in the afternoon, and found him unresponsive.

Though paramedics were called, it was, sadly, too late. Christopher already passed away, due to complete negligence by the very people who were supposed to be caring for him! 

According to Chris’ great-grandmother, Carrie Smith, the little boy started going to the facility when he was 1-years-old. “They didn’t get off their—excuse my language—off their ass and look,” Carrie angrily told WMC Action News. “I’m very upset about it. They didn’t look, and they can’t tell me they looked.”

People online are angry about it too, confused to how this all could happen!

Here's how the day should've went: the van driver and the rider were responsible for watching the kids as they made their way. Another worker was supposed to make sure the kids got inside the daycare and were checked in. And yet another person was supposed to go out and do a final sweep to make sure nobody got left. But steps were ignored and that final safety check didn't happen.  

Fox 13 Memphis

Now the cops are coming for everybody involved, including four employees who were charged with manslaughter. Those charges, however, don't bring this beautiful little boy back to his family. This is what the hell happens when people in the childcare business get complacent. How do you have a kid checked in, never see him the entire day and don't think twice about it! A child is now dead and a family is grieving because no one cared enough to do their actual job. It's absolutely unacceptable!

Thoughts and prayers go out to Chris' family in their time of loss🙏🏾

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