Elementary School Is Out Here 'Lunch Shaming' Students Who Have Low Balances

Elementary School Is Out Here 'Lunch Shaming' Students Who Have Low Balances
Juan Fortenberry/Twitter

An elementary school kid out in Phoenix was found to have a low lunch account balance, and the school decided to notify the boy’s mom. But the way they went about it was totally uncalled for!

After her son came home from school a few weeks back, Tara Chavez saw that he had a stamp on his wrist that said “lunch money” in all caps. The mom is used to receiving slips notifying of her of the balance. 

However, the administration over at Desert Cove Elementary School thought that embarrassing the kid this way was the best way to go about things this time around SMH. Of course, Tara’s son, a second grader, was hurt by the stamp, and cried to his mom about the whole ordeal. “He was humiliated. [He] didn’t even want me to take a picture of it,” Tara revealed. Thankfully, he was still able to get lunch, but stamping the kid was completely unnecessary.

Apparently, this “lunch shaming” ideal isn’t anything new in Arizona schools and other states. In fact, New Mexico recently passed legislation so that these incidents don’t happen! Now, other states need to get on board!

In Tara’s case, she is used to getting a slip notifying her specifically if her son had a low balance, but a new administrator decided to take it back to this outdated method! Tara’s friend, Juan Fortenberry, went off about it all on Twitter: 

The school has since apologized, but hopefully its administration and other schools in this country stop doing this. Okay, we get it. The schools need the food to be paid for (which is a whole other issue but that’s for another post). But go about notifying the parents of any financial issues the right way—through a letter or phone call, not by stamping kids!

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