Bresha Meadows, Who Was Convicted Of Killing Her Abusive Father, Has Been Released

Bresha Meadows
@democracynow via Twitter

A teen convicted of killing her reportedly abusive father has officially been released from a mental health facility.

16-year-old Bresha Meadows was being held in Bellefaire JCB in Cleveland after she pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter after shooting and killing her father, Jonathan Meadows in 2016. Bresha, who was only 14 at the time, shot the man in his sleep.

The teen alleged that Jonathan was abusive to not just her, but to all of her siblings, and even threatened them with the same gun that Bresha used to kill him. Her mom, Brandi Meadows, stated that the man would savagely beat her, as well, and in front of the kids SMH.

While Jonathan’s siblings claim that the teen had just been acting out, Brandi’s relatives stood by the teen, saying that they saw that Bresha suffered abuse from her father for years. Her attorney also argued this strong point, and he, among other supporters, pushed for Bresha to receive treatment rather than time behind bars. While Bresha was being held for a time at the Trumbull County Juvenile Detention Center, she was moved to Bellefaire after her conviction.

After serving six months in the facility, Bresha was finally released to go home with her mom.

Bresha, who was ultimately tried as a child instead of an adult, was sentenced to a year in juvenile detention, with credit for time served, as well as the six months in the mental health facility. Now, she only has two years of probation left. Then, when she turns 18, the case will be sealed and expunged from her record. The young teen is being called a hero by many, even her own mom, who says that Bresha really saved them all.

Many felt that the teen should never have been jailed at all for her actions, which can be seen as pure self-defense. However, after much protest, people are glad to see that Bresha is home for good!

Hopefully, Bresha is able to get counseling, along with the entire family. We can only imagine the internal trauma that this young girl has been battling, and it’s important that she is able to work through her issues and continue on to a better life for herself. Our thoughts and prayers are with her!