'Black Lives Matter' Cannot Be Sued, According To Federal Judge In A Huge Win For Activists!

black lives matter protest

This is a big win for activists everywhere: a federal judge just ruled that Black Lives Matter cannot be sued.

That seems like common sense, but because a Louisiana cop brought a lawsuit against BLM, we actually needed a judge to state the obvious. At least now it's official — you can’t bring a lawsuit against a movement.

The case stemmed from protests following the death of Alton Sterling, who was shot on camera by police officers who’d already pinned him down. The unnamed officer in question claimed he was hit with concrete or rock-like objects during the protests, causing severe injuries. His lawsuit said that BLM and the rally organizer, DeRay Mckesson, were liable since they should have anticipated their protests would become violent.

To which the judge responded, “Dude, hell no.” 

Or in legal parlance, “all claims against 'Black Lives Matter' must be dismissed because social movements lack the capacity to be sued." The ruling went on to defend Mckesson, bluntly saying that he can’t be held accountable for the actions of other demonstrators.

“It is not a new tactic that people try to use the courts to silence activists and organizers,” said Mckesson of the ruling. “I am happy that the judge dismissed the lawsuit and understood I had no part in the officer's injuries."

Unfortunately, this fight isn’t over yet. A second similar case is about to go before the same judge — this time it’s another anonymous cop who was injured during a shooting that killed three Baton Rouge police officers. He also wants to sue Mckesson and BLM.

While all sympathies go out to good officers who are hurt in the line of duty, hopefully that case ends with the same result.