Blac Chyna's Snap Back After Baby Dream Is Motivation

Blac Chyna's Snap Back After Baby Dream Is Motivation
Blac Chyna via Instagram

Just when new moms needed a little inspiration to get their pre-baby bodies back, Blac Chyna loses even more post-baby weight, giving all of us life!

Since delivering Baby Dream Kardashian, the mom of two has now lost about 43 pounds. She has even posted the receipts on Snapchat:

Blac Chyna is not letting her rumored custody battle over Dream with her ex, Rob Kardashian, distract her from her grind—Kardashian Klan matriarch Kris Jenner is baking Rob's initiative for 100 percent custody. Judging by her social media account, Chyna's been spending her time with her babies and focusing on her #bodygoals. 

And as the owner of her Lashed makeup line and salon, it should come as no surprise that her face is beat. Her skin is radiant and even her cheekbones are more defined:

The once upon a time-dancer, turned business woman, mom, and reality star has credited breastfeeding, tummy tea, and waist-training as the main reasons for her snap back. But she also noted that she was in good shape before she got pregnant. Blac Chyna has set a goal of 130 pounds by the summer and just a couple of pound off a week, she'll be back to flexing her sculpted body in no time.

Follow Blac Chyna on Instagram if you are interested in keeping up with the Lashed Cosmetics mogul. She might be all the motivation you need to get back to where you want to be!

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