Beyoncé and Jay-Z Will Know The Genders Of The Twins REALLY Soon!

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Will Know The Genders Of The Twins REALLY Soon!
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This might just be the most publically-hyped pregnancy ever.

Back on February 1st, Jay-Z and Beyonce broke the solar system when Bey announced on Instagram that they’re expecting twins. Now, we’ve got our first hints as to what genders the superstar couple are expecting!

Well, sort of. It sounds like we know exactly as much as Bey and Jay know – which is nothing yet.

A source came out recently and said, “[Beyonce] was telling people they'll know the genders of the babies in two weeks.”

So there you have it. Whether by choice or because of how far along Bey’s pregnancy actually is (no one outside the Carter-Knowles clan knows that, either), we still won’t know the gender of our future obsessions for another fortnight.

However, if you want a little gossip on that front, there was an unconfirmed report a few weeks back that the couple actually tried to plan the boys vs. girls situation. As the pregnancy was apparently supported by IVF—which allows you to influence the sex of the baby—Jay and Bey allegedly opted for one boy and one girl.

Well, there’s a one-in-three shot that’s what they’ll get! What combination of Carter-Knowles babies are you hoping for?

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