Beyonce And Jay-Z's Plans For The Carter Twins' Nursery Are Insane

Beyonce pregnant

To no surprise, Queen Bey is going all out as she preps for the birth of her twins in a few months, including a decked out nursery that’s basically like a mini mansion!

Beyonce reportedly dropped close to $500,000 to give the Carter twins the best of the best in their room. Outside of matching cribs and rockers (worth $30,000!), the nursery is said to have its own kitchen, library, and fireplace! She also reportedly spent $50,000 on a state-of-the-art sound system and another $20K for a galactic-themed ceiling mural for the nursery. There’ll even be a mini movie theater for once the twins get older…worth about $200,000!

Beyonce officially announced that she and Jay-Z were expecting a double dose of joy back in February, and the internet has been going crazy since!

The Carter twins are supposed to arrive sometime this Bey better hurry up and get this lavish nursery ready!  She and Jay (who celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary on April 4th!) are dropping that cash like it doesn’t matter...I guess, for them, it really doesn’t! 

Damn Bey…are you looking for a babysitter? Or a kid to adopt? 

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