It's Lit!! Amazon Accepts EBT And Gives Discounted Prime Membership To People On Government Assistance

Amazon Prime logo
Brian Ach/Getty Images for Amazon

Amazon is truly the GOAT for this! 

The company announced this week that it's giving an amazing discount to their popular Prime membership to those who receive government benefits. 

Amazon is offering the usually $10-per-month service (or $99 a year for regular customer) at a lower cost of $5.99 per month for those on government aid, including welfare and food stamps. 

Of course, the service itself includes fast (and often free or cheap) shipping along with streaming movies and TV. Many regular Amazon customers take advantage of the service, so, for those on government assistance, that's basically slashing the price for all of that in half!

Of course, the news was met with heat online from those more on the conservative side: 

Let's be real. At this point, Amazon is more than just some luxury to buy up electronics and decorations. The retailer has stepped the game up, providing now groceries, household supplies, and more under Prime Pantry. Not only can you reorder easily, you can even have items put on automatic subscription to be sent to your house each month at a discounted price. There's even coupons and deals just like you'd find at a grocery store! 

For lower-income families, this really is a bargain. If you have access to Internet, it's easy, convenient, and maybe even cheaper to just order online versus grab all the kiddies and trekking it to the store. Amazon is even starting to accept food stamps to pay for online grocery orders as part of a pilot program! 

Customers with valid EBT cards receiving aid from different programs qualify for the discounted membership. If this applies to you, sign up here!